Special Spangled Bobbins

Any exotic hardwood bobbin in style A,B,C or J can be spangled with the following special spangles. Provided stocks allow, we will supply the wood, bobbin style and colour beads as illustrated, unless you state otherwise.
The prices shown INCLUDE the cost of spangle and spangling.

Click on the pictures for some larger images and a few close-ups.

£3.00 each (Ebony £3.50)
Millefiori beads are made by slicing glass canes to create a mosaic. Shown on style A assorted Rosewood bobbins.
From left to right:
Black, Blue, Green, Lilac, Red and Turquoise.
£3.50 each
Neon coloured glass pearl beads with a silk finish, on an Ebony style J bobbin.
From left to right:
Green, Salmon Pink, Purple, Tangerine and Yellow.
Neon Pearls
Silver Speckles
£3.50 each (Ebony £4.00)
Faceted coloured glass beads with flecks of silver and silver spacers on Walnut (left) or Ebony (below) style J bobbin.
From left to right:

Blue, Gold, Green, Mauve and Red.
Silver Speckles on Ebony
£3.50 each (Ebony £4.00)
'AB' crystal glass drops partly coated with an 'oil slick' or 'rainbow' effect on a Padauk style J bobbin.
From left to right:
Apricot, Gold, Vitrail (Green)* and Marea (Grey).
* Sorry, this colour no longer available
Aurora Borealis
£3.50 each (Ebony £4.00)
Unusual 'AB' glass beads partly coated with an 'oil slick' or 'rainbow' effect.
From left to right:
Silver (half-coat)/Tulipwood
Copper (half-coat)/Walnut
£3.50 each (Ebony £4.00)
Glass beads with an amazing iridescent colour under lights.
From left to right - Top Row:
All shown on Ebony style C
Green, Yellow & Orange, Blue*, Pink & Purple and White.
Bottom Row:
All shown on style J
Green/Pallisander, Yellow & Orange/Amarello*, Blue/Kingwood*, Pink & Purple/Purpleheart and White/Light Rosewood.
While stocks last
* Sorry, no longer available
Miracle Beads
Metal-banded Horn
£3.50 each
Natural* or black dyed horn beads with a brass or silver coloured metal band on Ebony style J bobbins.
Pairs from left to right:
Black dyed horn with brass band (Ebony heart wood), Natural horn* with brass band (Ebony sap wood), Black dyed horn with 'silver' band (Ebony heart wood) and Natural horn* with 'silver' band (Ebony sap wood).
* Natural horn is no longer available.
£4.00 each
Also known as 'Cat's Eyes', these glass beads have a luminescent quality especially under bright lights. On Ebony style J bobbins.

Clockwise from the top:
Midnight Blue*, Black*, Dark Mauve, Light Mauve, Dark Blue, Light Blue*, Dark Turquoise*, Light Turquoise*, Dark Green, Light Green*, Yellow, Gold, Dark Orange*, Light Orange, Red/Brown* and Pink*; and in the centre White.
While stocks last
* Sorry, these colours are no longer available.
Fibre Optics
£4.00 each
Semi-precious Stones
From left to right:
Goldstone on light Rosewood*,
Snowflake Obsidian on dark Rosewood*,
Soo Chow Jade (Serpentine) on Kingwood,
Turquoise Dyed Howlite on Amarello
Unakite on Mahogany.
While stocks last
* Sorry, no longer available
Semi-precious Stones 2
From left to right:
Dalmatian Jasper on Walnut,
Sodalite on Maple,
Turquoise on Rosewood and
Poppy Jasper on Tulipwood.

£4.50 each
Semi-precious Stones on Ebony
From left to right:
Blue Lace Agate*, Cape Amethyst*, Malachite, Rhodonite and Tiger's Eye*.

Available on style A, B, C or J
While stocks last
* Sorry, no longer available
Exotic Hardwood Crystals
Ebony Crystals
£4.00 each (Ebony £4.50)
Czech cut 'AB' crystal beads.

From left to right
Top picture:
Topaz/Lemonwood, Sapphire/Walnut, Clear/Purpleheart, Peridot/Amarello and Amethyst/Maple.

Bottom picture:
All on Ebony style J
Topaz, Sapphire, Clear, Peridot and Amethyst.

£4.00 each
A pressed glass head bead with 'peacock eye-feather' dots in three shapes, oval, spear and curved drop with complementary round beads on Ebony style J.
From left to right:
Oval - black with 'silver' dots, Oval - black with 'blue AB' dots*, Spear - clear with 'silver-grey AB' dots*, Spear - black with 'silver' dots, Spear - red with 'copper' dots*, Spear - black with 'copper' dots*, Curved drop - black with 'silver-grey AB' dots and Curved drop - black with 'gold AB' dots*.
While stocks last (very limited)
* Sorry, no longer available

Please bear in mind that on screen some of the colours may vary from the colours in real life.

We rely upon many different bead suppliers for the charms we use and apologise if we cannot fulfil your order exactly. Colours and sizes vary from order to order. Please state an alternative choice of colour or charm, as appropriate, as we may occasionally need to make substitutions.