Potpourri (and 'Thank You')
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'Potpourri' - £10.00 for 10 (£1 each), £19.00 for 20 (95p each) or £45 for 50 (90p each)
- If you are looking to expand your collection of bobbins or need some bobbins for a big lace project but don't want to spend too much money then this mix of spangled past commemorative, lace day, painted motif, burnt pattern and sample bobbins (some with inscriptions, most without) is just what you're looking for. It's pot luck what you get but at one pound each, or less, for a spangled bobbin these are great value.

Also available (while stocks last) a limited number of:
Honiton (style H) 'Potpourri' - £6.00 for 10 (60p each) or £10 for 20 (50p each)
Thank You (5 style A and 1 style C remaining)
- Not strictly a 'Current Commemorative' these Lemonwood bobbins in style A or C are pyrographed 'Thank You'.
£3.00 NOW £1.50 spangled

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